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About Couples Counselling

I understand that relationship difficulties can bring about feelings of hopelessness in resolving issues. I believe couples therapy can help to reevaluate and reveal the core issues in relationship problems. I work with couples to understand and change their relationship to relieve distress.

I offer an integrative approach to couple therapy drawing on various techniques and models dependent on the issues presented.

Transactional Analysis forms the basis of many interventions and provides a user-friendly framework for couples to learn and use.

I assist couples in mobilising their resources with an outcome designed to develop more effective ways of problem-solving and interacting.

Length of couple therapy is largely dependent on the complexity of issues presented but I generally aim to work towards a series of focused sessions ranging from 6 to 12. I offer follow-up review sessions which are scheduled in consultation with the couple.

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis (TA) brings together some of the most effective ideas in counselling and psychotherapy (analytic, cognitive behavioural, social, phenomenological) into a powerful body of theory and practice. Transactional Analysis holds the humanistic values which believe that we have a natural aspiration to live in harmony with ourselves and others.

Transactional Analysis is an effective and useful approach to psychotherapy and counselling as it offers a thorough body of theory while its methodology lends itself to different ways of working within the therapeutic relationship.

TA offers both a theory of personality and intra-psychic understanding and a way of analysing and working with relationship difficulties and life problems.

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