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All of us experience challenges or difficulties at certain times in our lives that can leave us feeling stuck, lost, helpless or distressed.  Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to those closest to us about the things that trouble us the most.  That’s when talking to a trained counsellor in a safe, caring and confidential space can really help you explore your worries or difficulties without being judged or given advice.

You might wish to explore difficulties you are experiencing or perhaps a general dissatisfaction with life. It could be that you feel an inexplicable sadness or frustration that needs to be explored in order to move forward and enjoy life again. As an experienced counsellor I encourage a dialogue between us, to understand you and to work with you to achieve your goals and the changes in your life you would like to make.

Feelings such as grief, anger, guilt and sadness can build up inside us, becoming very intense, even causing physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and muscle aches.  These feelings can surface at inappropriate times; with loved ones, at work or when faced with one stressful situation too many.

Counselling can provide a safe and understanding space for letting these feelings out so that you don’t have to use up an enormous amount of energy keeping them buried or hidden. The expression of these, sometimes intense feelings can be the beginning of the healing process.

Counselling can be the opportunity to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable without the fear of what others might think.  I offer help with a wide range of issues such as:

*  Depression
*  Anxiety
*  Bereavement
*  Relationship difficulties
*  Drug and Alcohol problems
*  Work related stress
*  Abuse

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